Stormwater and Landslide Risk Management

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Number: D73/2017

Date: 21 December 2017

Topic: Commitment of funding to address storm water and landslide risk management

Commonwealth Commits to Stormwater Management at Drumsite

The Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development has committed funding to implement interim storm water management solutions in the most high risk sections of Drumsite whilst the remaining areas are further costed and modelled. The solutions are designed to significantly reduce both the risk of landslides above the Kampong and the extent of erosion to CIP, public and private assets. The solutions follow months of research, site visits, consultation and modelling by GHD. The Department is continuing to work with the Shire and CIP to implement these recommendations, and to progress a long term solution to reopen Murray Road.

Furthermore, following a competitive open tender process, the Department is in the final stages of negotiation with the preferred supplier to provide rockfall and landslide inspection and advisory services over the next 8 years. The finalisation of this contract is the first stage in a multi-year project to analyse, quantify and mitigate rockfall and landslide risk on Christmas Island. An in-depth geological engineering risk assessment will commence in early 2018 to provide a definitive measurement of rockfall and landslide risk, and recommendations on how this risk can be reduced.

The stormwater solutions are progressing in conjunction with ongoing recovery operations in Flying Fish Cove. The extent of damage to the rockfall fence uncovered during clean-up operations required parts to be manufactured and procured in Europe. These parts are on track for delivery to WA in January, and are expected to arrive on the February Zentner ship. It is anticipated that restoration work will be complete by 31 March 2018.

A community consultation session will be facilitated by the Indian Ocean Territories Administration in early 2018, outlining the scope of the landslide risk management process, stormwater management solutions and long term Murray Road restoration project.

Laga Van Beek