Planned Burning of Abandoned Sea Vessel

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Number: D50/2017

Date: 06 October 2017

Relevant: Cocos (Keeling) Islands

Topic: Abandoned Sea Vessel

The community is advised that the abandoned fishing vessel washed up on the reef is to be burned in its current location this weekend.

The Australian Federal Police will continue to enforce the 250 metre exclusion zone during the destruction of the vessel and it is recommended that the community stays well clear.

The Department has asked the CKI Port Manager, Linx Stevedoring (Linx), to manage the destruction of the vessel and its contents. Linx will be closely monitoring local weather and sea conditions prior to making a decision to proceed with the burn. Should the conditions not be suitable over the weekend, Linx will postpone burning the vessel until next week.

While every effort will be made to limit the impact on the community, smoke may travel on shore. The Department encourages anyone with asthma or other respiratory conditions to stay inside until any residual smoke subsides.

Members of the community are reminded not to souvenir any debris from the vessel, either from the ocean or the foreshore. The debris poses a biosecurity risk and needs to be safely disposed of. As previously advised, the drop off point for the return of all debris is at “Elephants' Graveyard”, located at the southern end of the runway.

The Department extends its sincere thanks to Linx for undertaking the destruction of the vessel, and in particular, the CKI Port Manager.

Karen Lindsay
Ag General Manager
Indian Ocean Territories Branch