Public Access to Tai Jin House Restored

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Number: D5/2017

Date: 16 February 2017

Relevant: Christmas Island

Topic: Public Access to Tai Jin House Restored

Issued on behalf of the Emergency Management Committee Executive

Following significant landslide activities in October 2016 which resulted in damage to a rockfall fence panel in Flying Fish Cove, access to Tai Jin House/ Smith Point was restricted to critical infrastructure users.

The fence panel has now been reinstated and approved by a structural engineer, with rockfall protection measures in this area back to full capacity. The Emergency Management Committee Executive has therefore lifted all restrictions on this area of the Flying Fish Cove car park, and access to Tai Jin House/ Smith Point is once again granted to the general public.

Repair work to the fence required liaison with multiple suppliers, as well as engineering and geotechnical advice and approval. The delivery of critical stores to facilitate the repairs was achieved through support from Serco; without which the project would have been delayed considerably.

Rockfall and landslide risk management consists of multiple layers, with the rockfall fence representing the last line of defence. A Level 1 rockfall alert was active at the time, restricting access to the area, and the pre-emptive demolition of the CI Boat Club some 20 years ago foreshadowed the potential for a slide of this magnitude to occur. No personnel were harmed and no private property was damaged, demonstrating the success of these measures.

A further bulletin relating to Murray Road at Drumsite will be released in early March advising of the progress and long term plan for this area and the associated assets.

Any questions relating to the long term recovery from the Landslides should be directed to the IOTA Emergency Management Officer, Jessica Sullivan, via or mobile 0418 766 703.

Leon Mills