Abandoned Vessel Debris—Drop–Off Point

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Number: D49/2017

Date: 02 October 2017

Relevant: Cocos (Keeling) Islands

Topic: Abandoned Sea Debris–Elephant's Graveyard Drop-Off Point

The Department of Agriculture and Water Resources has advised that all debris from the abandoned vessel, washed up on the reef close to shore on West Island, poses a biosecurity risk and must be destroyed.

The Department and the Shire of the Cocos (Keeling) Islands have worked together to establish a drop off point for the return of all debris.

Return Location: “Elephant's Graveyard” located at the southern end of the runway.

The Department asks that all members of the community drop-off any debris found on the beach, including wood, to the designated area within the Elephant's Graveyard. If you require further information on the location of the Elephant's Graveyard, please contact the Department's office on Cocos (ph: 9162 6767).

Leon Mills
Indian Ocean Territories Branch