Repairs to Christmas Island Port Infrastructure

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Number: D33/2017

Date: 29 June 2017

Relevant: Christmas Island

Topic: Repairs to Christmas Island Port Infrastructure

I am pleased to provide the following update on the progress with repairs to critical components of the Christmas Island Port infrastructure.

Repairs to the wharf crane

As the community is aware, the wharf crane has been out of service since February, following the failure of its slew bearing.  The replacement part was manufactured in Germany and is now on its way to Singapore, from where it will be shipped to Christmas Island.  I understand that the slew bearing is due to arrive on island mid-August and the crane will be returned to service at the completion of the installation works.  This is expected to occur in late August.

Purchase of the crawler crane

In a demonstration of its commitment to ensuring continuity of port operations in the future, the Government has provided $3.3 million for the purchase, refurbishment, delivery and commissioning of a second-hand 350 tonne mobile crawler crane.  The mobile crane will provide back-up to the wharf crane.

The mobile crane is about to commence its 10-year certification works which are expected to be completed in Perth by the end of July.  At the completion of the certification works, the crane will be transported to Darwin, from where it will travel by barge to Christmas Island.

The crane is expected to arrive at Christmas Island in early-mid August, and will be offloaded using the barge’s deck mounted crane.  Following commissioning, testing and training, the crane will be available to provide backup to the wharf crane.

Repairs to the outer mooring buoys

I am pleased to confirm that the urgent repairs to the A and B Buoys in the outer mooring system have now been completed.  In order to return the system to its full operational functionality, additional tensioning and stiffness testing is required to be undertaken.  This will be done at the end of August.

I am aware that the recent infrastructure failures have caused some concern in the community and would like to thank you for your patience while the Department has been working with the port manager, PRL and Zentner to put in place measures to minimise the disruption.

Karly Pidgeon
General Manager
Indian Ocean Territories Branch