Christmas Island — SpeedCast Internet Services Started Today

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Number: D13/2017

Date: 10 March 2017

Relevant: Christmas Island

Topic: Christmas Island — SpeedCast Internet Services Started Today

I am pleased to advise today that internet access has been restored on Christmas Island. Please see the attached Media Release from Minister Nash announcing the action.

SpeedCast (Australia) Pty Ltd has reached agreement with the Government to deliver O3b (Ka-band) internet services on Christmas Island until 30 June 2017, to allow a transition period for NBN services to be installed more widely on the island.

SpeedCast has also advised it will work closely with the community to determine the viability of providing this internet service on Christmas Island over a longer-term.

In order to get your internet access back fast, SpeedCast has arranged for your former CiiA internet accounts to be reactivated. SpeedCast will then migrate all account holders to a SpeedCast account over the next few weeks.

Please ensure your existing fixed or 4G modem is turned on so your internet access can be restored.

There may be some technical issues getting all accounts to work immediately. To support the transition process and to ensure your access is working, a team from SpeedCast will be on the Island from Tuesday 14 March.

In addition, I am pleased to advise nbn has increased the number of teams installing Sky Muster services to speed up the roll out on Christmas Island.

I look forward to working with both SpeedCast and nbn to support the sustained delivery of internet access to Christmas Island.

Karly Pidgeon
General Manager
Indian Ocean Territories