Christmas Island Internet Services

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Number: D11/2017

Date: 28 February 2017

Relevant: Christmas Island

Topic: Christmas Island Internet Services

Further to Bulletins D7/2017, A9/2017 and A10/2017, this Bulletin provides an update to the Christmas Island community on internet services.

The Christmas Island Internet Administration Limited (CiiA) has not agreed to the Department's offers to provide a reasonable level of assistance to continue its O3b (Ka-band) internet services.

CiiA has publicly advised it will cease providing O3b internet services on Christmas Island from tonight.

The Department has investigated options for a third party to take over this service but has been unable to achieve an outcome at this time. The Department is actively working with nbn to implement NBN services on Christmas Island as soon as possible.

Landline services and Telstra's 2G mobile service on the island are not affected by CiiA's decision.

As per EMC Bulletin A9/2017, the Christmas Island Emergency Management Committee (EMC) has provided a list of critical and secondary services for priority installation of an NBN service. These priorities have focussed on the operation of critical infrastructure and services to the community.

nbn has been able to respond quickly with many of the critical services installed over the past few days.

The EMC Bulletin A10/2017 also advised that local businesses are investigating establishing user-pays Wi-Fi hotspots on the island to enable general community access to the internet. Further information will be provided on this as services are established.

nbn is developing plans to bring additional installers to Christmas Island. The Department is providing advice and logistic support to assist in this planning.

As per the EMC Bulletin A9/2017, we reiterate that businesses and residents wanting an NBN installation must place an order with a Retail Service Provider (RSP). A list of satellite service providers is available online at:

The Department understands CiiA may make some C-band satellite internet services available to major account holders on Christmas Island for up to 60 days. It is unclear how many accounts this will impact.

We encourage those community members and businesses who already have an NBN service installed to make these available to your friends, neighbours and colleagues over the coming weeks.

We will continue to work with the Administrator and on-island agencies to prioritise and support the rollout of NBN installations, and provide updates as new information becomes available.

Karly Pidgeon
General Manager
Indian Ocean Territories Branch