NBN Priority Installations — Emergency Management Update

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Number: A9/2017

Date: 27 February 2017

Relevant: Christmas Island

Topic: NBN Priority Installations — Emergency Management Update

In the interest of ensuring continuity of critical on-island services, on Friday 24th February 2017, the CI Emergency Management Committee created a list of key infrastructure to be prioritised for NBN installation. The following services have been installed over the past 3 days:

  • Airline
  • Port / Harbourmaster
  • IOTA (includes a feed to the Hospital)
  • Watercorp
  • Pharmacy
  • Emergency Operations Centre

Furthermore, the Post Office, Shire and Fuel Station will be completed Tuesday 28th February prior to the CiiA disconnection deadline.

Installations will continue to target critical services (e.g. School, AFP, etc.) before progressing on to businesses and then residential installations. These will be completed in order of registration, as this is how they are received and generated by NBNco. As per previous bulletins and community notices, you must place an order with a Retail Service Provider (RSP) to be placed in the installation queue.

No services can be prioritised unless an order has been placed with an RSP. Businesses in particular are urged to immediately complete registration with a service provider.

Any critical services not yet confirmed should contact the Emergency Management Officer via operations@infrastructure.gov.au or phone 0418 766 703 for consideration.

Please note the above update, and any information available from the Emergency Management Officer, is provided in the context of critical service continuity for emergency management purposes only.

Barry Haase