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2003-2004 Report on the Operation of the Local Government (Financial Assistance) Act 1995

Table of Contents

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List tables and figures
Local Governance in Australia
Local government roles
Local government functions
Size and diversity
Electoral representation
National representation of local government
Involvement in interĀ­-governmental structures
Local government finances
Financial assistance grants to local government
Overview of current arrangements
Determining the quantum of the grant
Determining entitlements for 2003-04 and 2004-05
Interstate distribution of the grants
Quantum of financial assistance grants allocation
Principles for determining the distribution of grants within States
Determining the distribution of grants within States
Bodies eligible to receive financial assistance grants
Local Government Grants Commission's methods
Allocation of grants to councils in 2003-04
Councils on the minimum grant
Reviews of Grants Commission methods
Impact of Grants Commission 'capping' policies
Increasing accountability and transparency of Grants Commission processes
Improving the Efficiency and Effectiveness of Local Government
Performance measures
Application of the National Competition Policy to local government
The structural reform debate in local government
State and local government performance measurement
Performance assessment
Local government best practice
Local government infrastructure
Local government infrastructure responsibilities
Local road funding by each sphere of government
Australian Government funding for local roads
A strategy to maintain our local roads in good condition
Other infrastructure issues
Services to Indigenous communities
Reporting requirements
State reports
Australian Government expenditure and progress
Health and ageing - impact on local government
Challenges for local government
Australian Government initiatives
Australian Local Government Association Population Ageing Action Plan
Special Report: Local government in the Federal Republic of Germany
Some characteristics of Germany
Spheres of government
Local government structure
Roles and responsibilities
Areas of responsibility of municipalities
Local government funding
Local government expenditure
Local government infrastructure financing
Comparison of Australian and German local government
National principles for allocating general purpose and local road grants
State methods for distributing financial assistance grants 2003-04
Comparison of grants commission distribution models
Distribution of financial assistance grants to local governing bodies in 2003-04
Ranking of local governing bodies on a relative needs basis 2003-04
Australian classification of local governments
Progress in improving efficiency and effectiveness of local government
Progress reports on improvements in service provisions to Indigenous communities
National Awards for Local Government

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