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2002-2003 Report on the Operation of the Local Government, (Financial Assistance) Act 1995

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2002-2003 Report on the Operation of the Local Government
(Financial Assistance) Act 1995

Each chapter and major section of the 2002-2003 National Report will be provided here in separate HTML and Acrobat PDF documents. All of these files can be viewed using Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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    Chapter 1 : Local governance in Australia
  • Local government roles
  • Local government functions
  • Size and diversity
  • Electorate representation
  • National representation of local government
  • Involvement in intergovernmental structures
  • Local government finances
  • Grant funding
  • Reliance on grants
  • State comparison of source of funds
  • State comparison of levels of expenditure by purpose
  • International comparisons
  • Chapter 2 : Financial assistance grants to local government
  • Overview of current arrangements
  • Determining the quantum of the grant
  • Determining entitlements for 2002-03 and 2003-04
  • Interstate distribution of the grants
  • Quantum of financial assistance grants allocations
  • Principles for determining the distribution of grants within States
  • Determining the distribution of grants within States
  • Bodies eligible to receive financial assistance grants
  • Local Government Grants Commissions methods
  • Allocation of grants to councils in 2002-03
  • Councils on the minimum grant
  • Reviews of Grants Commission methods
  • Impact of Grants Commission 'capping' policies
  • Increasing accountability and transparency of Grants Commission processes
  • Chapter 3 : Improving the efficiency and effectiveness of local government
  • Application of National Competition Policy to local government
  • Trade Practices Act
  • Performance indicators
  • Governance
  • Australian Government activities to support local government performance improvement
  • Chapter 4 : Local government infrastructure
  • Local government infrastructure responsibilities
  • Road funding responsibilities of each level of government
  • What our local government infrastructure is worth
  • Australian Government developments
  • AusLink
  • State developments
  • Other infrastructure issues
  • Chapter 5 : Services to Indigenous communities
  • Indigenous people in context
  • Reporting requirements
  • State reports
  • Commonwealth expenditure and progress
  • Other initiatives involving local government
  • Chapter 6 : Joined-up government
  • Introduction
  • Agreements between councils
  • Partnerships at State level
  • Agreements between the three levels of government
  • Conclusion
  • Chapter 7 : Special report: local government in Canada
  • Introduction
  • Governance structure
  • Roles and responsibilities of the three orders of government
  • Changing roles and responsibilities
  • Constitutional recognition of municipalities
  • Financial concerns
  • Infrastructure
  • Summary observations
  • Appendixes
    Appendix A : National principles for allocating general purpose and local road grants
    Appendix B : State methods for distributing financial assistance grants 2002-03
    Appendix C : Comparison of grants commission distribution models
    Appendix D : Distribution of financial assistance grants to local government 2002-03
    Appendix E : Ranking of councils on a relative needs basis 2002-03
    Appendix F : Australian classification of local governments
    Appendix G : Progress in improving efficiency and effectiveness of local government
    Appendix H : Progress reports on improvements in service provision to Indigenous communities
    Appendix I : National Awards for Local Government
    Appendix J : Regional development research of interest to local government
    Index of tables
    Index of figures
    Index of Maps


    Download the References, Glossary, Index of local governments, General Index [PDFPDF: 225 KB] as Adobe Acrobat PDF document.