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Download Foreword, Preface [PDFPDF: 135 KB]
Download Chapter 1 - Local governance in Australia [PDFPDF: 251 KB]
Download Chapter 2 - Financial assistance grants to local government [PDFPDF: 187 KB]
Download Chapter 3 - Improving the efficiency and effectiveness of local government [PDFPDF: 110 KB]
Download Chapter 4 - Local goverment infrastructure [PDFPDF: 170 KB]
Download Chapter 5 - Services to Indigenous communities [PDFPDF: 122 KB]
Download Chapter 6 - Joined-up government [PDFPDF: 111 KB]
Download Chapter 7 - Special report: local government in Canada [PDFPDF: 135 KB]
Download Appendix A - National principles for allocating general purpose and local road grants [PDFPDF: 77 KB]
Download Appendix B - State methods for distributing financial assistance grants 2002-03 [PDFPDF: 253 KB]
Download Appendix C - Comparison of grants commission distribution models [PDFPDF: 126 KB]
Download Appendix D - Distribution of financial assistance grants to local government 2002-03 [PDFPDF: 331 KB]
Download Appendix E - Ranking of councils on a relative needs basis 2002-03 [PDFPDF: 229 KB]
Download Appendix F - Australian classification of local governments [PDFPDF: 122 KB]
Download Appendix G - Progress in improving efficiency and effectiveness of local government [PDFPDF: 185 KB]
Download Appendix H - Progress reports on improvements in service provision to Indigenous communities [PDFPDF: 145 KB]
Download Appendix I - National Awards for Local Government [PDFPDF: 220 KB]
Download Appendix J - Regional development research of interest to local government [PDFPDF: 69 KB]
Download References, Glossary, Index of local governments, General Index [PDFPDF: 225 KB]