Norfolk Island Regional Council election

When will the election be held?

Saturday 28 May 2016.

When will elections be held in the future?

Future elections will be held on the same date as NSW local government elections.

How many people will be elected to the council?

Five Councillors will be elected for a four-year term. Every 12 months, the Councillors will elect a Mayor from among their number.

Who is eligible to vote?

Eligibility to vote will be aligned with NSW Local Government electoral conventions and be restricted to:

  • Australian citizens living on Norfolk Island (voting is compulsory); or
  • Australian citizens not living on Norfolk Island, but owning land or a business on Island (voting is not compulsory).

No elector will be entitled to more than one vote.

Will the Mayor and Councillors be paid?

Yes. Remuneration of Councillors will be in line with similar sized NSW councils in the Local Government Remuneration Tribunal's Annual Report and Determination, 13 April 2015.

Norfolk Island is most similar to the General Purpose Council category ‘Rural' which provides for Councillor Remuneration in the range of $8,330 to $11,010 per annum. All Councillors receive the same remuneration.

The Mayor receives a fee in the range of $8,860 to $24,030 in addition to his/her Councillor remuneration.

How do I nominate as a candidate to be a Councillor?

The nomination process for candidates will be held in April 2016. Any person on the new electoral rolls for Norfolk Island is eligible to nominate as a candidate for Councillor. An information session for potential candidates will be held in early April—this will include details on how a person is qualified to hold civic office and the disqualifying criteria that will apply.

What will the voting model be?

Electoral wards will not apply and candidates will stand in an undivided electorate.

The proportional representation system used by NSW Local Government will apply; where candidates are elected in proportion to the number of votes they receive (they need a quota of formal votes cast).

What are the key dates for the 2016 Norfolk Island Regional Council election?

EventKey date(s)
Enrolment opens Late March
Formal advertising of enrolment period Monday 4 April
Regional Council electoral roll closes Monday 18 April
Nomination of candidates commences By Wednesday 20 April
Nomination of candidates closes Wednesday 27 April
Early voting Monday 16 to Friday 27 May
Election date Saturday 28 May
Final date for receipt of postal votes 6pm, Monday 30 May
Successful candidates commence work as councillors Friday 1 July

Where can I find further information?

Further information about the Norfolk Island Regional Council election is available on the Australian Election Company website.



Last Updated: 27 April, 2016