Administrator's Biography

The Hon Gary Hardgrave

Photo of the Hon. Gary Hardgrave, courtesy of the Parliament of Australia websiteThe Hon Gary Hardgrave was appointed Administrator of Norfolk Island on 1 July 2014. In this role, Mr Hardgrave represents the Assistant Minister for Infrastructure and Regional Development on Norfolk Island.

Mr Hardgrave held the southside Brisbane seat of Moreton for the Liberal Party between 1996 and 2007, holding the ministerial portfolios of Citizenship and Multicultural Affairs, Vocational and Technical Education and was the Minister Assisting the Prime Minister.

Mrs Lorraine Hardgrave

Photo of Mrs Lorraine HardgraveMrs Lorraine Hardgrave is the wife of Gary Hardgrave. She often accompanies Mr Hardgrave in the performance of representative duties, supporting and encouraging the Island's considerable range of community activities.

Lorraine is the Patron of:

  • Norfolk Island Red Cross
  • CWA of NSW—Norfolk Island
  • White Oaks RSL Day Club
  • Norfolk Island Women's Advocacy
  • Norfolk Island RSL Women's Auxiliary
  • Norfolk Island Hospital Auxiliary


    Last Updated: 24 February, 2016