Regional Jobs and Investment Package

About the program

The Australian Government has committed $200 million into a Regional Jobs and Investment Package (package) to grow sustainable, quality employment in regional Australia.

Local communities will assess their region's economic opportunities and competitive advantages and develop local investment plans to kick start the economy; creating a community-driven, government investment partnership between the local communities, business and the Australian Government.

The package will be delivered across the following nine regions:

  • Bowen Basin
  • New South Wales North Coast
  • New South Wales South Coast
  • Wide Bay Burnett
  • Goulburn Valley
  • Cairns
  • Geelong
  • Tasmania
  • Upper Spencer Gulf

Each region will be able to access between $20 million and $30 million in funding to pursue new opportunities in their region, and to invest in skills and technology as needed.

The package will be structured around three streams:

  • Business innovation grants;
  • Local infrastructure; and
  • Skills and training programs.

The Commonwealth will seek co-contribution to funding from project proponents and other levels of government to leverage additional investment into these regions.

Next steps

The Australian Government recognises the extensive work communities have already undertaken to help shape their futures. The Government will be progressing the Package to:

  • reduce fragmentation and duplication of existing policy interventions;
  • maximise the return on existing and new investment; and
  • align with state and local government strategic agendas and investment.

The department will engage with regions in the coming weeks to start this community-led process.


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