Frequently asked questions - Regional Jobs and Investment Package

Program overview

What is the Regional Jobs and Investment Package?

  • The Regional Jobs and Investment Package (RJIP) is a $220 million Australian Government initiative designed to create local jobs and growth, help diversify regional economies and build stronger communities.
  • Following a local planning process, eligible regions will be able to access between $20 million and $30 million in funding under the packages across three streams:
    • Business innovation grants;
    • Local infrastructure projects; and
    • Skills and training programs.

Eligible regions

What regions are available to receive assistance under the package?

  • The following regions will be eligible to receive funding under the package:
    • Bowen Basin, will receive $30 million
    • New South Wales North Coast, will receive $25 million
    • New South Wales South Coast, will receive $20 million
    • Wide Bay Burnett, will receive $20 million
    • Goulburn Valley, will receive $20 million
    • Cairns, will receive $20 million
    • Geelong, will receive $20 million
    • Tasmania, will receive $25 million
    • Upper Spencer Gulf, will receive $20 million
    • Latrobe, will receive $20 million.

What will be the role of the Australian Government in the planning process?

  • The Australian Government is engaging with regional stakeholders to listen to and understand what is happening in each region.

Regional planning

What will regional plans cover?

  • It's expected that local governments, businesses, community and industry groups will all contribute to the local investment plans to determine opportunities for long-term growth in their regions.
  • Local investment plans will be evidence based and analytically robust. They will assess regional opportunities and list strategic investment priorities (not individual proposals) across the three streams of the package.

Can regions use existing plans?

  • The Government recognises that identified regions may have existing regional plans, and would expect communities to build on existing plans as they develop their local investment plan.

Application process

When will my region be able to apply for funding?

  • Applications for funding can be submitted once the region's local investment plan has been developed and after grant program guidelines have been developed and funding rounds opened.

Who will be eligible to apply for funding under the package?

  • Eligibility requirements will be clearly outlined in the grant programme guidelines for the package, which are expected to be available shortly.

Grants administered under the package

What can grant funding be used for?

  • Further details on what funds can be used for will be outlined in the grant program guidelines.
  • At a minimum, project proposals must demonstrate how they will address a stated priority, as outlined in a region'slocal investment plan, in order to receive funding.

How will funding be determined?

  • Funding for specific projects will be determined through a formal application process administered by the department, with funding awarded in accordance with grant programme guidelines.

How will matched funding work?

  • Applications can leverage additional investment in these regions—this includes local, state and Australian governments as well as the private sector.
  • Full details of co-funding requirements will be outlined in the grant programme guidelines.

Links to other programs

What other programs are available to help regions that are not eligible to receive funding under the package?

  • There are a number of programs and initiatives available to assist regions create jobs, develop skills and drive economic growth. These include Industry Growth Centres, Entrepreneurs' Programme, Incubator Support Programme, jobactive and the newly announced Building Better Regions Fund. 
  • The portal provides a comprehensive catalogue of the grants and assistance programs available to help support the creation of strong economies and sustainable employment opportunities in regional Australia.