Regional publications

Following is a range of Regional related publications.

Regions 2030—Unlocking Opportunity

Regions 2030—Unlocking Opportunity outlines the Government’s investments, achievements and future direction for rural, regional and remote Australia across five key areas: jobs and economic development; infrastructure; health; education; and communications.

Progress in Australian Regions

Progress in Australian Regions is a new series of publications to provide information about Australia's regions from a range of different sources. Together, the publications provide a detailed picture of the population, employment, economic and transport trends that are occurring across Australia—both in the cities and in regional Australia. They provide an understanding of the nation's overall economic and social wellbeing which is vital for future planning. Australia is a large country and each region faces its own opportunities and challenges. These publications will help governments, private investors and the local communities to identify trends that are important for policy development and investment decisions.

    • Yearbook 2016 is a statistical resource that can help answer the question of how regions are progressing against economic, social, environmental and governance indicators.
    • State of Australian Cities 2014–15 is an important tool for all levels of Government in understanding where our cities are performing well, and where there are opportunities for improvement.
    • State of Regional Australia 2015 illustrates the different ways in which regions change and takes into consideration such aspects as population growth, economic wellbeing and social progress.


Last Updated: 18 May, 2017