East Kimberley Development Package

The $195 million East Kimberley Development Package (the Package) was launched in Kununurra on 3 July 2009.

The Package was developed by the Australian Government in close collaboration with the Western Australian Government through a joint assessment process led by the Hon Gary Gray AO MP and the Hon Brendon Grylls MLA with assistance from the Office of Northern Australia.

The Australian Government invested directly in social and common use infrastructure that promoted healthy, strong and resilient communities and provide meaningful and sustainable jobs for local Indigenous people in the East Kimberley region. The National Partnership Agreement on the East Kimberley Development Package was signed by the Australian and Western Australian Governments to enable 21 of the 29 projects to be directly implemented by the Western Australian Government.

The Package included key investments across the areas of health, education and training, housing, transport and community infrastructure.

  • Joint Assessment for the East Kimberley Development Package: Summary Report PDF: 455 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Terms of Reference for Joint Assessment PDF: 36 KB ReadSpeaker

East Kimberley Development Package Newsletter

  • East Kimberley Development Package Newsletter—February 2011 Issue PDF: 453 KB ReadSpeaker
Project $ million Project Leader2
Health $54 million    
Wyndham health facilities refurbishment 3.4 WA
Kununurra Hospital expansion 20.5 WA
Short stay patient accommodation in Kununurra 5.1 WA
Residential rehabilitation facility in Wyndham 3.2 WA
Remote aged care services in Kalumburu and Warmun 4.5 WA
Remote clinics in Kalumburu and Warmun 5.5 WA
Environmental health measures in Kalumburu, Warmun and Oombulgurri 3.9 WA
Sobering Up Centres in Kununurra and Wyndham 0.6 WA
Health service providers housing in Kununurra 6.8 WA
Education and Training $64 million    
Wyndham Early Learning Activities Centre 1.7 WA
Warmun Early Learning Centre 0.6 Private
Kununurra school precinct upgrades and expansions (primary school, high school, community library, teacher training) 48.9 WA
Kimberley TAFE upgrade in Kununurra and Wyndham 10.0 WA
Community meeting rooms in Kununurra, Kalumburu, Oombulgurri and Dawul 2.1 WA
Early Childhood Building for Jungdranung Community 0.11 WA
Kununurra Out of School Hours Care Facility 0.6 WA
Housing $46 million    
Social Housing in Kununurra and Wyndham   WA
Transition Housing in Kununurra and other locations 46.0 WA
Transport $15 million    
Wyndham Port facility upgrade 10.0 WA
Kununurra Airport—Terminal upgrade 5.0 SWEK
Kununurra Airport—new Patient Transfer Facility 0.4 SWEK
Community $16 million    
Community sporting facilities—hostel oval in Kununurra 1.25 SWEK
Community sporting facilities—Wyndham swimming pool 0.95 SWEK
Waringarri Art Centre in Kununurra 1.6 Private
Wyndham Picture Gardens 0.3 SWEK
Wyndham Community Jetty 7.0 SWEK
MG Corporation—Gelganyem Trust shared facility in Kununurra 4.5 WA
Total 195.03  
  1. The WA Government requested that this project be replaced by the Kununurra Out of School Hours Care Facility. This was agreed in March 2012 by the Prime Minister. $0.1m refers to the costs incurred before the project was cancelled.
  2. The Commonwealth is funding various partners to implement projects, including the Western Australian Government (WA), Shire of Wyndham East Kimberley (SWEK) and private providers (Waringarri Arts Aboriginal Corporation and Warmun Community Incorporated).
  3. An additional $0.2 million has been notionally allocated to achieving Indigenous Workforce objectives—covered in Variation Schedule to the EKDP NPA.


Last Updated: 17 October, 2014