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Caboolture Shire Volatile Substance Misuse

Caboolture Shire Council

The Caboolture Shire Council took a facilitation and leadership role and developed a VSM Strategy through collaborative partnerships with Youth Caboolture Area Network interagency, key stakeholders and community including State Government departments, youth sector services, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisations, business and individuals. This holistic strategy includes key response areas of education and information to services, community and business, local and regional responses, training and early intervention and diversion activities for at-risk young people. Council secured cross agency funding for the 'Out There & Active' program providing training and activities and funding for employment support and training. The families and friends of the young people are included to ensure program success and support. The young people increased esteem levels and started to form networks with other young people including Councils Youth Advisory Group in event planning and hosting, as well as workers and council staff. There has now been a significant 80% reduction in 'chroming' and homelessness for the Shire. Young people that were engaged in 'chroming' are now driving the 'Out There & Active' Program and its direction as well as providing information and ideas for program planning. Some young people are now employed, role models and young leaders for their peers and within their communities.


Sponsored by Australian Government Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs

Commendation Award

Contact name: Mrs Julie Bruynius
Contact position: Administrator
Contact address: PO Box 159
Contact phone: 07 5420 0225
Contact fax: 07 5420 0350
Contact email: bruyniusj@caboolture.qld.gov.au
Council's web site:

Youth Engagement:

This Award acknowledges innovation and excellence in the provision of youth services and amenities with an emphasis on the degree to which young people are actively engaged in their communities and encouraged to participate in policy decision making that affects them. The Award showcases innovations and excellence that benefits young Australians where they live, study, work and play. It also highlights projects that help young people participate actively in their communities and in the democratic institutions that service those communities as respected young citizens. The important role of Local Government in youth engagement The Youth Bureau manages a number of programs that aim to encourage the active participation of youth in their communities, to foster leadership and provide positive role models for youth throughout Australia. In sponsoring the Youth Services Category of the National Awards for Local Government, the Australian Government aims to assist local communities in encouraging their young people to be actively involved in their community and in so doing, foster the development of leadership skills. The Awards assist in the development of leadership qualities in young people who are our leaders of the future.

Visit the sponsor's web site: http://www.fahcsia.gov.au


Last Updated: 17 October, 2013