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"Circle of Life" Aboriginal Drivers License and Road safety Awareness Program

Kempsey Shire Council

The Aboriginal Driver’s Licence and Road South Australiafety Awareness Project was planned and developed in consultation with a number of government and non government agencies, service providers and local Aboriginal communities. It is widely recognised that the limited access that regional and remote Aboriginal communities, have to any form of transport, is a major barrier to these communities accessing programs and essential services. The program assists Aboriginal people to obtain/regain their driver’s licence and provides them with the knowledge and skills to maintain and use this invaluable resource to benefit themselves and their communities. It provides clear and direct path to assist participants to break the debilitating cycles that face their daily lives. Community resources and services that most Australians take for granted have previously been unattainable to these communities. This program has broken down identified barriers that have previously choked or restricted intended outcomes of other initiatives, and in doing so, has succeeded in delivering direct outcomes to participants including employment, health, education, social and cultural benefits. The program has also provided communities with greater mobility which has increased community cohesion and enthusiasm for continuing to build a better future. The participation rates and outcomes of the program were overwhelming to key stakeholders, and this provided the motivation and drive to extend the program to other local government areas.


Sponsored by Australian Government Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs

Contact name: Mr Mark Thompson
Contact position: Project Officer
Contact address: P.O.Box 78
  West Kempsey
Contact phone: 0265663286
Contact fax: 0265663205
Contact email: mark.thompson@kempsey.nsw.gov.au
Council's web site: http://www.kempsey.nsw.gov.au

Strengthening Indigenous Communities:

This category aims to highlight initiative by Local Government that reflects the Department of Families, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs (FaCSIA) Statement of Commitment to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People. It shows the commitment to, and excellence in, their approach to increase opportunities for the engagement and participation of Indigenous people in the affairs of the local community and, to improving community governance and service delivery arrangements for Indigenous people. Entries will be judged for their innovation and leading practice in implementing significant development to build the capacities of Indigenous individuals and families. This is to increase choice and participation and enhance self-reliance, and to strengthen the capacities of Indigenous communities to ensure sustainable and prosperous futures. The important role of Local Government in social and community engagement FaCSIA is very much aware of the contribution local government makes to the quality of life of its communities, especially in non-metropolitan urban, and rural and remote areas. Local government is often the only provider of significant community services taken for granted in metro communities, and is frequently a major employer in many communities. FaCSIA is keen to recognise Councils which clearly demonstrate inclusive and participatory approaches to all members of the community. It would expect that outcomes could be qualitatively and quantitatively demonstrated and have an attributable impact rather than a generalised impact or strategic planning focus.

Visit the sponsor's web site: http://www.fahcsia.gov.au


Last Updated: 17 October, 2013