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Wilcannia Dog Desexing and Health Clinic

Central Darling Shire Council

Covering 52,000sq kms, Central Darling Shire is the largest and most isolated shire in NSW. Problems with domestic animal control and breeding, particularly in relation to dogs belonging to indigenous community members prompted Council to contact the NSW Department of Health and the RSPCA to see if there would be any interest in undertaking a dog desexing and health clinic to improve the health and wellbeing of domestics dogs ¬– which in turn improves the health and living standards of their owners –in the town of Wilcannia. Council advertises the program, takes bookings, provides accomodation, mircochips and collects and delivers treated dogs to and from their homes. Council follows up with dogs and their owners after the program. The NSW Department of Health provides assistance at the clinic through volunteering the time of their Environmental Health Officers from Broken Hill, as well as providing funding from their budget to assist to meet the costs of RSPCA vets. The program has now been factored in as a yearly event and is a joint initative of the Central Darling Shire, the NSW Department of Health and the RSPCA.


Sponsored by Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing

Contact name: Mrs Leeanne Ryan
Contact position: Project Officer
Contact address: PO Box 165
Contact phone: (08) 8083 8900
Contact fax: (08) 8091 5045
Contact email: ryanl@centraldarling.nsw.gov.au
Council's web site: http://www.centraldarling.nsw.gov.au

Health and Wellbeing:

This Award will be given to a council that has worked in partnership with health professionals and local leaders to identify and address local health and wellbeing issues. Innovation and proactivity are the cornerstones of the Award. For rural and remote communities, the judges of the Award will focus on the way that small rural communities have found local solutions to local primary health needs.

Visit the sponsor's web site: www.health.gov.au


Last Updated: 17 October, 2013