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Community Police Service

Torres Strait Island Regional Council

The Torres Strait is home to the most unique type of Policing system in Australia. TSIRC have demonstrated innovation with the inception and successful rollout and maintenance of its community police service. The service is funded by TSIRC even though community police is not a core local government service. TSIRC feel that community police presence within their communities is vital for the safety and efficient running of its constituents and communities. Full time Queensland Police Service (QPS) presence is limited to just two of the habited Islands in the Torres Strait. TSIRC are responsible for 15 island communities with no full time QPS in any of these communities. TSIRC employs community police officers in each of its communities so that uniformed presence and control is seen and crime and misconduct is reported and controlled in an efficient manner – full time. Without this Council initiated project – there would be extremely minimal police presence. Inordinate time delays occur when serious crime or incidents need to be investigated by QPS on TSIRC’s remote Island Communities in the Torres Strait. The Community Police who are indentified Torres Strait Islanders, are the QPS’s and Council eyes and ears on the ground. The project was implemented to re build the existing Community Police structure into a professional and trained Community Police Service in the Torres Strait. The project trains the Community Police Officer’s to provide timely and accurate information back to the Queensland Police Service and Council Management from all the Island Communities on a daily basis. The project fosters accountability, loyalty, job satisfaction and security within the Community Police Ranks. The overall goal is to make the Communities safer places to live by maintaining peace and good order, and the preservation of life and property.


Sponsored by Australian Government Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs

Contact name: Miss Jess James
Contact position: Project Officer
Contact address: PO BOX 7532
Contact phone: (07) 4047 5208
Contact fax: (07) 4047 5213
Contact email: jess.james@tsirc.qld.gov.au
Council's web site:

Engaging and Strengthening Indigenous Communities:

This award recognises good practice in engagement with Indigenous Australians which strengthens Indigenous communities and actively encourages Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to participate in decision-making on issues that affect their lives.

Visit the sponsor's web site: http://www.fahcsia.gov.au


Last Updated: 17 October, 2013